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CD Launch  Sonnenberg ‘into the light'

Saturday 8th April 2017

8pm at the Unitarian Church

57 Ullet Road, Liverpool, L17 2AA, UK

It has been 5 years since the release of our last album 'the end of the rain', when Saul Hughes played tablas and percussion for the first time on a Sonnenberg recording.

Since then we have been playing as a duo in Germany, Holland, France and Britain and have been exploring sounds we can create with vocals, Indian tablas and acoustic guitar.

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For our new album 'into the light’  - Probe 74 we set ourselves the task to keep the vibe warm and positive despite the negativity that surrounds us coming from the news makers, polarisers and politics. I hope we succeeded. Adding to the mellow soundscape of tablas, guitar and vocals are Nicole Collarbone on the cello, Merlyn Sturt on viola as well as Vicky Rose Gouldon on vocals. The album was engineered, recorded, mixed and mastered in Liverpool by Jon Whitnall who opened up his house, heart and ears for us.

The final “whooosh” was put on by producer and Probe Plus Records owner Geoff Davies.

So here are 10 new songs arranged and produced in an unconventional but easy accessible way. We hope You will enjoy!

Love and Peace.

Zinney ( vocals and guitar)

Gig updates for 2017 here soon...

Past gigs:

26 March 2016 Natterjacks ( Leicester) event starts at 15.00

31 March 2016  Lindemannsruhe (Bad Duerckheim/Germany) 17.00 start (solo)

2 April 2016  Tennisclub (Heiligenwald/ Germany) 20.00 start (solo)

9 June 2016 Cambridge Junction ( supporting HMHB) 20.00

2 July 2016 Itzenplitz Open Air ( Heiligenwald/Germany) from 5.30 onwards

3 July 2016  Bahnhof Niederwuerzbach Germany. 20.00

10 Juli 2015  Cologne, Kepplerstrasse 14         

11 Juli 2015 Cologne, Kepplerstrasse 14

12 Juli.2015 Amsterdam, Living Rooms                

  17 Juli 2015 Niederwürzbach, Bahnhof

  18 Juli 2015 Heiligenwald, Itzefest am Weiher

25 October 2013 Niederwuerzbach Bahnhof (solo)- Saarland

26 October 2013 Heiligenwald Tennisclub (solo)- Saarland 

29 June 2013 Darwen (Lancaster): No 39

4 July 2013 Manchester:Dulcimer

6July 2013 Liverpool: Lomax 

29 March 2013 Saargemünd (France): TERMINUS BRASSERIE

30 March 2013 Saarbrücken (Germany): MANUFAKTUR der schönen DINGE

2 April 2013 Köln (Germany): SMARAGD, Phillipp Strasse

Sonnenberg is a folk band featuring the singer / songwriter Zinney,

multi-instrumentalist / songwriter Dave Thom and percussionist / tabla-ist Saul Hughes.

After the release of their debut album 'fishing in the pool' (probe plus 60 in 2007) 

the band performed in different formations (2-4-6 piece) in small venues as well as 

the Shepherds Bush Theatre in London and the Boardwalk in Sheffield.

Two albums available!! Soon three!! 

Sonnenberg   'Fishing in the Pool' 

Sonnenberg   'The end of the Rain' 

Available at: Amazon / i tunes / Spotify

         'The surprise with SONNENBERG is... how directly this unaffected melodic folk-pop goes straight to the listeners. It's like all happening very close to your beating heart... The governing spirit is indie folk with a twist.. It's all intimate without being cloying, pleasurably nocturnal and more than a little bit wonderful'  

(S. Muirhead, the WORD) 


         'The hypnotic something, soul, expression, charisma..his intense, sensitive, fragile and at the same time powerful and natural performance is like no other. Thanks to his exquisite feel for rhythm is he able to replace a complete band effortless..'  

(SONNENBERG solo, Kerstin Kraemer, Saarbruecker Zeitung)


          'Sonnenberg, calm between two storms, rose protected by thorny hedge, blossomed in between, illustrating perfectly how Geoff's musical taste, reflected on his label, truly has no prejudice apart from supporting honestly felt and passionately portrayed music. Gerd Zinsmeister (zinney), songwriter, singer and acoustic guitar composes from the heart, sings from his soul, an expressively emotive voice with a catch in its throat, uniquely him, quietly sung words expressing volumes of emotion which spills from his lips, envelope and entice….


         'Sonnenberg is one band that I would not be without….'


          'It goes without saying the lyrics and melodies are, as usual magical, so individual yet like they are meant to be, not forced, timeless, they flow beautifully, not like anything else I have recently heard and the CD is a very special distillation of Sonnenberg and Davies' (Chumki Banerjee)


            'An inspired debut album' www.burnYourEars.de (Eva Volkmer)


              'unusual….amazing…like a mantra…'  (BBC Radio Merseyside, Billy Butler)


             'Superb...It’s a great band with ambition and a melodic band with class'            (Spencer Leigh, Radio Merseyside)


          '...that’s dead good tha’.....    (Teresa, Liverpool)

You can find more reviews and articles about the band on the reviews section of this website.

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