Prior to the recordings for the second Sonnenberg album “the end of the rain”, record producer and “Probe Plus” label Boss Geoff Davies introduced the Liverpool born percussionist and tabla player Saul Hughes to Zinney, songwriter and singer in Sonnenberg.

From the original six piece band derives the Sonnenberg Duo, combining Eastern and Western music influences to create a warm and gentle atmosphere. Acoustic guitar, Indian tablas and vocals are the ingredients that give the Sonnenberg Duo their unique sound.

“ The surprise with Sonnenberg directly this unaffected melodic folk-pop

goes straight to the listeners. It’s like hearing completely unmediated music...

all happening very close to your beating heart... The governing spirit is indie-folk

with a twist... It’s all intimate without being cloying, pleasurably nocturnal and more

than a little bit wonderful.”

(S.Muirhead, the WORD)

“Sonnenberg play wonderful romantic, hypnotic slow acustic songs, beautiful

and timeless...”

(Stefan Woldach, Akustik Gitarre Magazin)

So far the tracks “Mersey Moon”, “Another Mile” and “Telephone Song” have

been featured on BBC Radio Merseyside, BBC Shropshire, BBC Herefordshire,

BBC Stoke, BBC Lancashire and BBC 6 Music.


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